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“In my experience, unresolved conflict can be emotionally draining, costly and counterproductive. By engaging in dispute resolution, I’ve found that it’s possible to address the underlying issues. I work with you to build mutual understanding and find solutions that benefit everyone involved.”

“Amicable and cost effective solutions”

My mission is simple, to help parties in conflict reach a solution that works for them in a cost-effective manner, whether through mediation or court litigation, book a consultation to discuss your claim. 


Practice Areas

If you are facing a dispute and require expert legal assistance, look no further

Commercial Litigation

Professional Negligence



Human Rights
And Business

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

  • As a solicitor with over 2 decades of experience in resolving legal disputes I have experience and knowledge of the court process, legal process and procedures in commercial domestic and cross border disputes.


  • As a mediator, I am fully accredited as a CEDR Mediator and with the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) for civil and commercial mediation, and also accredited to undertake workplace disputes.


  • Undertake and trained in Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”)


  • ​Accredited in IIRP restorative practices, using circles effectively, and facilitating restorative conferences.

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My Approach

  • To help you to identify the root causes in dispute. 

  • Focused and dedicated to resolving the dispute between the parties.

  • Mediation appointments can be offered at short notice.

  • As a mediator, I will help you to reach a resolution that both you and the other party can live with.

  • I will help you to look at all options available to try and resolve your dispute without going to court and if required to guide you every step of the way in the litigation process.

  • Are you unsure how to progress your matter? I will guide and point you in the right direction if you cannot resolve your dispute

  • I will keep you updated on progress 

Legal support provided by Avinder Laroya 

Helping parties in conflict find tailored, cost-effective solutions via mediation or litigation. Book a consultation at to discuss your claim today

  • Commercial contract disputes

  • Debt recovery

  • Partnership disputes

  • Shareholder and director disputes

  • Insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings

  • Real estate disputes

  • Restrictive covenant disputes

  • Judicial review

  • Interim court applications such as injunctions

  • Cross border disputes

  • Domestic and International arbitration

  • Commercial Mediation

  • Workplace Mediation

  • International and cross border disputes

  • Enforcement of foreign judgements

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