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The Evolution of Dispute Resolution: Compulsory Mediation in UK Small Claims Cases

Introduction to Compulsory Mediation for Small Claims in the UK

2. History and Evolution of Mediation in UK Small Claims

3. Understanding Small Claims in the UK

4. The Role of Mediation in Small Claims

5. Compulsory Mediation: A Closer Look

Some of the notable aspects of the HMCTS Mediation scheme are;

  • The mediation is free of charge

  • There are limited exceptions

  • Cases are referred to mediation once the defence has been filed

  • the mediation is held remotely for up to an hour

  • Sanctions will be imposed for the parties not participating in the mediation process

6. Comparative Analysis: Mediation vs Litigation in Small Claims

Cost Implications

Time efficiency

Procedural Complexities

Emotional and Relational Outcomes

Finality and Control Over Outcomes

7 The Future of Compulsory Mediation in the UK

8. Guidance for Parties involved in Small Claims

9. Resources and Support for Small Claims Mediation

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